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ADHITA BIOSCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED (ABPL) is dedicated to provide quality products and services, especially in the field for Industrial Biotechnology and Agricultural Biotechnology. ABPL is incubated at IIT-Kanpur, and working for the farmers and MSME and SME companies. ABPL develops and markets novel products and services to the society and specialized sectors. The committed and highly experienced team members of the ABPL  provide a unique platform to the SME and MSME for Technological up-gradation and conversion of an idea into a product. also offer various custom services to create novel solutions to experimental challenges and to help you maximize your time by minimizing your research workload. ABPL is taking a leadership position in using state of the art technology to provide the highest quality of a research-based start-up business, with a focus on the development of target-specific, Agri-Environmental products, Environmental solutions, cosmaceuticals/ Nutraceutical, and microbial products. Based on this market and scope, ABPL is committed to develop own product as well as will provide the contract research facility to others.  ABPL is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations for Biotech research and drug development, with a vision to develop product lines comprehensively cover the cutting-edge technologies.

ABPL's AIM is to develop innovative products and services that expedite and enhance scientific research and collaboration. 

ABPL's MISSION is to support Agriculture, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies/academic institutions as well as farmers and end consumers.  ABPL is committed to providing outstanding products and services through unparalleled excellence and a responsible partnership.

TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES, ABPL has a team of highly skilled and qualified researchers consisting of PhD scientists, trained laboratory technicians and scientific advisers with many years of training at various International and National institutes such as CSIR-CDRI, CSIR-NBRI, CSIR-NIIST, CEES-INDIA, Inha University, Amity IIT etc. Our members are trained in Agriculture, Environmental, Industrial, Biotechnology, for both in-house research projects and contract research services.

Confidentiality: ABPL understands the importance of protecting the integrity of our client's proprietary research. We, therefore, maintain strict standards of confidentiality of every project contracted to us.

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